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Below are some the most Frequently Asked Questions...

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  • Q: I already have my Inventory on (Quick Quote, Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.) format. Can this be imported into Airware?
  • A: Most Likely. At Magnolia Software (the makers of Airware), we can attempt to import your parts, inventory, and customer data into Airware from just about any format. Our fee is $125.00 an hour. Please Contact Us for more information. If, however, you wish to use another professional service to import your data, Airware uses a standard Microsoft Access Database which can handle the importing and exporting of data. If you choose the latter option, remember - Do this at your own risk.
  • Q: Will I have to pay for future upgrades of Airware?
  • A: There will be no charge for minor upgrades or fix-its. However, if Magnolia Software creates enhancements outside of the scope of the current version of Airware, (Accounts Payable as an example), there will be a charge for the newer version.
  • Q: How do I setup Airware for Multiple-Users?
  • A: Please see our "Installation Procedures" documentation from the help files pages for specific installation instructions of multiple-users for Airware.
  • Q: I have a suggestion for a certain feature in Airware to be changed. Will this be done?
  • A: We strive to offer the best Aviation Inventory program available. We will take all suggestions under consideration. If we feel that most users of Airware will benefit from the change, then, yes, we will do our best to make this happen in a future upgrade of Airware.

Question not answered? Let Us Know! --- >   Contact Us

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